Maine's Premier
Hunting Outfitter

Crooked Tree Lodge has been one of the premier outfitters in the North Maine Woods for many years. While ownership has changed hands, the same great folks who keep the operation running remain year in and year out. Our long running history of successful bear hunting & trapping continues to this day with bear populations stronger than they have ever been.


The North Maine Woods accounts for the most dense population of black bears in the state of Maine, and we hunt the heart of it. With nearly 500 sq miles of hunting area, you can be assured that our bait sites will be active and opportunities at a true Maine giant will be had each season.


Moose Hunting opportunities across the top units in the state exist at Crooked Tree Lodge. Our guides know the area and are there to put you on the moose of a lifetime. There is also the opportunity to purchase a lodge permit (1 per year) at the going market rate.


Self-guided Deer, Bird and Small Game hunting packages are also available with use of our cabins and direct access to the North Maine Woods.

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The North Maine Woods region has 3M+ uninhabited acres to hunt, fish, canoe, and explore just about anything the outdoors has to offer.  The area boasts the highest population density of black bears in all of Maine and is home to the best Moose hunting in the state of Maine.

Why Choose Crooked Tree Lodge

We’re here to provide you with the best experience when spending your hard earned money on your next hunt.  It is our goal to make sure every hunter leaves happy and successful.

100+ Years of Experience

Our guides have over 100 years combined guiding and hunting in Northern Maine.  We know what it takes to make your hunt successful.

100% Success Rates

Our bear hunts with hounds have been 100% successful for over 15 years, and we have the best hounds-men driving our success.


Fully equipped cabins, prepared meals, and hospitality rivaling home. New accommodations & updates coming for 2024!

150+ Bait Sites

Enough secluded bait sites to support a strong bear take and avoid overhunting.

Crooked Tree Lodge

Crooked Tree Lodge has a long standing history as the premier bear hunting outfitter in Maine!

Family Experience

Our operation is family owned and operated.  We all play a role in making sure your hunt is successful, and you’ll leave feeling like family!

Experience Maine Hunting

World Class Opportunities


Bear Hunting

Our bear hunting opportunities are among the best in the world.  The North Maine Woods has one of the highest density of bears, coupled with low hunting pressure and an abundance of food, our hunters are taking bears much above the average in the state of Maine.


Moose Hunting

The Moose is the staple icon across Maine.  Moose hunting in Maine is by lottery, but should you draw your tag in Maine in Units 2, 5, 3, 6, 4 & 1, we can put you on that bull moose of a lifetime.  The units we hunt in provide the best opportunities at trophy moose!


Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting in the North Maine Woods is extraordinary. The opportunities are endless with the abundance of grouse, rabbits, etc. The terrain offers the hunter options for every style and our guides at Crooked Tree Lodge know where the hot spots are.

We Provide The Best Guided Hunting
Services For You

Our guides have more than 100 years combined experience guiding Bear, Moose and Deer in Northern Maine! Our area boasts the highest bear density in the state, allows us to provide some of the best black bear hunting in the world for both bait and hound hunting.

Moose hunting in this region is the best among the entire state, and our guides are no strangers to putting clients on 50"+ bulls.

Small Game Hunting packages allow you a semi-guided hunting experience for 1 or multiple days. Access to the North Maine Wood's is just a couple miles down the road from camp.

Our accommodations at Crooked Tree Lodge are second to none, and the food is even better! The meals our cooks prepare are amazing, and are one of the most talked about elements of the experience.

No matter the hunt, we can help.

Book your hunt with us today!

Maine Moose Hunting Opportunities

If you’re lucky enough to draw that coveted Maine Moose tag, then you’ve already struck it rich.  Our team is prepared to make sure you’re successful on that nearly once in a lifetime tag. Each year, we’re able to apply for a lodge permit, offering a guaranteed tag to one lucky hunter.  Contact for information about this permit and its availability.